want to make peace with food?

Do you find yourself eating when you are stressed, happy, lonely, sad, frustrated, excited or any other emotion? Do you eat mindlessly on the run? Do you struggle with potlucks/free food?

This course is designed to help guide you step by step through learning to deal with emotions and life experiences in a non-food way. In the course, you will learn all about your eating styles, how to manage them, and how to create a positive experience with food in whatever situation you find yourself in. 


Need a better meal plan?

Are you frustrated by never having meals ready to go? Do you eat out a lot? Do you find yourself trying to plan all your meals and snacks at the last minute?

Master your meal plan is your step by step guide to having your meals planned, prepped, and ready to go in just minutes every week. This comprehensive course covers everything from building a solid pantry, to saving time and money at the grocery store, to having everything prepped ahead of time for a week of easy meals. 

If you struggle to stay consistent with meal planning, want to eat at home more, want to save money, and spend less time in the kitchen, this course is for you! 



Need One on One help?

Do you feel like you need specific and uniquely tailored guidance for your health and wellness needs? Do you need someone to be accountable to? Do you want a program that is made completely for you?

Hello, I'm Elizabeth and I've been an exercise physiologist and wellness coach for the last 7 years. Before that, I worked as a personal trainer for many years. 

I understand that health and wellness is more than just following a program and getting results. It's about changing your mindset, about finding your motivation, and all of the emotions that come with changing your lifestyle. 

If you have goals you want to reach with nutrition, exercise, your relationship with food, or your mindset, you're in the right place. There is a lot of great content on my site to help you out, but sometimes you need a REAL person to help you every step of the way. 

If you're ready to start off on the right path, set up a free 30 minute consultation phone call with me to determine your needs and come up with a plan that will work specifically for you! 

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